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Dental Emergencies

Many patients who have been too busy or too scared to come to the dentist for preventative care, may at some point, end up with a dental emergency, whether they've lost or chipped a tooth due to trauma or have an abscess that leaves them in extreme pain. When patients call Dr. Rykard with a dental emergency, his office will get them in as soon as possible and make them comfortable immediately upon arrival.

Our Emergency Process

Once the patient is out of pain and relaxed, Dr. Rykard will then discuss the situation with the patient and make a plan to proceed with the dental care. It may involve performing a dental procedure or ways to keep the situation from happening in the future. He will always listen to your needs and concerns and address them immediately.

We'll Always See You Immediately

Dr. Rykard always makes time for dental emergencies for both new and existing patients. A patient that is in pain and in need of assistance will never be turned away. Patients can call Dr. Rykard during office hours and come in for treatment as soon as they can make it -- which means same-day relief! Whether the patient will benefit from an extraction, a root canal, or a crown, Dr. Rykard can examine the patient immediately and find a way to make their situation better. Additionally, Dr. Rykard has a number of state-of-the-art technologies at his office, such as a CEREC machine, which gives him the opportunity to make same-day restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers. With advanced tools and the experience to back it up, Dr. Rykard can address any dental emergency for patients.

Dental emergencies are just that--emergency events that happen unplanned. For patients who are experiencing a dental emergency in the Oklahoma area, Dr. Rykard is here to help. Call his practice and get on the road to feeling comfortable again.

Unmatched Expertise

Patients frequently travel hundreds of miles to see Dr. Rykard. After researching their options, they realize it is worth the trip. He brings countless hours of advanced training and years of experience to every case. Dr. Rykard has been fortunate to work alongside some of the top clinicians in the world and he utilizes this knowledge as part of every treatment plan. He takes the time to listen, and he develops a plan for your smile.

Dr. Rykard

High-Tech Patient Comforts

The latest technology is critical to providing the highest level of dental care. At the same time, Dr. Rykard and his team want you to look forward to your next visit to their practice. This is why every patient receives the little things like fresh-baked cookies and massage chairs along with major benefits like the low-radiation and high-definition of their digital x-rays. Experience the difference this combination can make. It will make you smile.

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