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Oklahoma City Sedation Dentistry

Are You Like 40 Million Other Americans?

Are you afraid of the dentist? Surprisingly, many adults have a deep-seated fear about visiting their local practice. It can happen because of the media, discussion about negative dental experiences from friends, or a personally bad experience at the dental office in the past. No matter what the reasoning behind a patient’s fear of the dentist’s chair is, Dr. Kevin Rykard can help!

Enjoy A Much More Comfortable Experience

Sedation dentistry allows Dr. Rykard the opportunity to put patients at ease and help them have a positive time at the dentist. Oral medication is taken before their visit, which means that you’ll need to arrange for transportation to and from the appointment. Patients are awake, conscious, and are able to answer questions and converse with the dentist throughout the procedure. However, due to the amnesic effect of the medication, they’ll wake up the following day with no recollection of the entire appointment. This allows Dr. Rykard the opportunity to provide full mouth restorations in just one appointment, saving both patient and dentist time and money.

A Decade of Valuable Expertise

Dr. Rykard has been offering sedation dentistry to patients in greater Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas for well over a decade, and he has found that most of his patients thoroughly enjoy this option. In fact, many patients get to the point that they no longer require sedation once they have overcome their fears. Oral sedation dentistry does not require needles like IV sedation does, making it a comfortable and easy alternative.

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

With the training and expertise to offer sedation dentistry, Dr. Rykard is proud to provide patients with this alternative to fearing their appointments and avoiding the oral health care they need. All patients under sedation dentistry are carefully monitored throughout the procedure to ensure there are no complications. Dr. Rykard and his staff have training and certification in oral sedation dentistry.

Dr. Rykard loves the ability to be able to get his patients to a state of health while helping them to avoid the complications and uneasiness that many feel about sitting in the dental chair. If you are interested in oral conscious sedation dentistry, call Dr. Kevin Rykard today at (405) 308-4354. to schedule a consultation appointment and see if sedation will allow you to enjoy the dentist’s office!

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